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The Story

Having healthy skin has been important to me from a very young age, especially growing up with a mother who often cooked up home skin care remedies whenever I had dry skin, blemishes, or merely just for a skin pampering session. The remedies would be a unique mixture of rare, local natural ingredients which always proved to be highly effective, ranging from moringa oil treatments to curcumin and honey facial masks. I am thankful for my mother’s homemade skin care recipes and really believe that they have been the foundation for my healthy and balanced skin, never having experienced any serious breakouts or skin problems.

It was not until I moved abroad to Australia and then England when I realised how underrated ingredients from Asia were in the international market, and how they still carried much potential to be recognised globally.

Settling back in Thailand, I then found that local beauty skin care without unwanted ingredients is sometimes hard to find, with only a handful of select brands which are honest to their claims, while the remainder can contain hints of harmful ingredients. This scarcity in combination with my love for natural skin therapy is what led to the concept of Mellow Naturals.

Pat Benjasiri (Founder & CEO) 

Our Passion

At Mellow Naturals, our concept is simple, to produce clean food for skin that really works, where there are no harsh chemicals, no BS, and is safe for all, sensitive skin-compatible and pregnancy-safe.

Mellow Naturals’ products are developed from carefully handpicked selections of natural ingredients, prioritising those with Asian heritage and from Thailand or Asia’s finest sources, designed to yield safer, non-toxic, more effective and more sustainable results. In cases where ingredients of our required standards may be difficult to source locally, we may select ingredients which are grown locally, but are extracted or further processed elsewhere such as Europe or the United States.

We seek to exploit the traditional remedies, in combination with modern skin care science, to replenish, rejuvenate and delicately nourish the skin to suit the modern lifestyle. 

... where nature meets science. 

Our Dedication

With an experienced knowledgeable R&D team at the forefront of our ‘nature meets science’ philosophy, backed by a high-standard manufacturing facility, we continue to perfect our formulations day-to-day along with new innovations, to ensure the needed tangible desired results are achieved.

We have a strict list of prohibited ingredients which we adhere to, ensuring that each and every product we formulate are honestly safe and clean (click here for full list).

Mellow Naturals also continues to be fully committed to share and promote globally our products and ingredients, to be recognised as a trusted name in today’s ‘clean beauty’ movement. 

Mellow Naturals about us

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