Defining Essence and Why You Need It In Your Routine

An essence is applied usually at the very start of your skin care routine, on a clean face. If you have an alcohol-heavy toner, then the essence can be applied after that, or even in place of that, for those that prefer a clean routine without any stripping of the skin.

Essences can vary drastically in texture, from being light weight and watery, to thick and viscous, as they are often a concentrated formula of many active ingredients.

An essence is a very effective way to hydrate the skin and prime it, ready for the rest of your skin care routine, allowing serums and moisturisers that follow to absorb better, deeper and therefore become more effective when applied.

The Mellow Naturals Prime and Protect Essence comes in a very water-like lightweight form. If you are familiar with the use of essence, then it is not difficult to grasp the idea of numerous benefits from using such product regardless of its light texture, but if you are new to using essence, trust us when we say that this essence is packed with essentials and nutrient-rich active ingredients. Read more about the Prime and Protect Essence here.

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