Reasons To Love Mangosteen, Thailand's Queen Of Fruits

natural mangosteen facial foam

Why we love Mangosteen in Mellow Naturals skin care products  

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit vastly found in South East Asian countries especially in Thailand. To many Thais, this deep radish purple fruit is known as ‘The Queen of Fruits’ due its wide variety of benefits in consumption, health, and skin care related purposes.

Mangosteen is extremely difficult to find in many parts of the world, while Thailand is the largest producer of purple Mangosteen. The Thai culture have been exploiting the fruit's benefits since ancient times, not only for its delicious taste, but also as part of traditional Thai herbal medicine and natural skin care practices.

High in antioxidants, proven with scientific research that Mangosteen contains a class of naturally occurring polyphenol compounds known as ‘Xanthones’. The Xanthones’ antioxidant power is greater than that of Vitamins C and E when it comes to skin care, filled with healing properties which heal cells damaged by free radicals. It contains some of the most powerful free radical scavengers available, more than other major fruits in South East Asia and the rest of the world.

Anti-acne properties - Mangosteen has natural antibacterial properties and antimicrobial compounds, therefore when incorporated into natural skin care products, it is highly effective in treating skin problems such as acne as it reduces the bacteria that stimulate pimple growth, skin blemishes, and oily skin.

Mangosteen and mangosteen extract when applied to the skin result in uncounted benefits and is therefore a chosen ingredient to be infused in several of Mellow's natural skin care products, to be applied topically and absorbed directly into the skin, including the Mellow Mangosteen Facial Foam.

Mellow Naturals' Mangosteen Facial Foam is a gentle facial cleanser that deeply detoxifies the facial skin and cleanses away impurities without stripping the natural protective minerals in the facial skin, leaving a fresh and clean feel. The fruit's high levels of Vitamin C and antioxidants will simultaneously aid in skin regeneration, resulting in healthier and brighter skin post-wash. Similarly Mellow Naturals' salt-based Mangosteen Salt Scrub will refine the look and feel of your skin with its antioxidant-rich moisturizing and exfoliating formula. 

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