Identifying Natural and Chemical Ingredients in Skin Care

Looking for a meaningful New Year's resolution? We have just the one for you. Learn to identify harsh chemical ingredients in skin care and move towards more natural alternatives. Your skin is sure to thank you in the long run. 

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When purchasing skin care, often the fine print on the product packaging is overlooked and instead what is noticed is the larger print on the front of the product which is designed to market the product and make it look attractive. What we tend to miss is the fact that harsh chemical ingredients such as phthalates, parabens or formaldehyde are used in a lot of skin care, even in high-end, quality skin care. Although a lot of these chemical ingredients are exceptional in solving specific skin problems, but long term use may be the cause of another underlying problem. 

Preservatives are essential in skin care and often the most chemical and harmful to the skin of the lot. Preservatives are incorporated to preserve the other ingredients in the product, to give and extend shelf-life of the skin care product. A common type of chemical preservative are parabens, very effective in preventing bacterial growth in skin care products, however it is after all chemical and there are many controversial studies on parabens. 

Mellow Naturals' face serums and face oil range are sure to stay away from parabens and are also 'preservative-free'. If you read the fine print on the packaging outlining the full ingredients lists, Mellow Naturals uses natural ingredients as alternatives to chemical preservatives; natural ingredients which are preservative in nature and act also as active ingredients in the product. So be sure to read the fine print to ensure you are giving your skin what it deserves. 

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