Helpful Tips To Choose Between Natural And Organic Skin Care

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Where Mellow Naturals stands and why 

Going green in your beauty skin care routine is not always as straightforward as it seems for the regular consumer. The most common terminology often found on labels or product descriptions in the green skin care industry include words such as natural, organic or certified-organic. These words may or may not be understood correctly and often have different connotations to different users.

The key difference between a “natural” and an “organic” product ultimately comes down to regulation. Organic or certified organic products are regulated by bodies such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) or organic certification organizations in other countries depending on where the certification is acquired, for example EcoCert in France or Australian Organic in Australia.

In regards to skin care, to qualify for such certifications, the product typically must not contain any ingredients which have been exposed to toxic pesticides, toxic synthetic herbicides, chemical fertilisers etc, or in other words must have ingredients which are obtained from organic farming. However what is often overlooked by consumers is the fact that these certifications, although appear to be more qualified than products with none, do not require products to be 100% organic. The Organic EcoCert label for instance requires only 95% of “plant-based” ingredients and 10% of all ingredients to come from organic farming. Similarly the Natural EcoCert label requires 50% for plant-based ingredients and 5% for all ingredients. 

For natural products, although it is true there are less stringent regulations around the term natural or all-natural, but a “natural” claim can be genuine, while an organic-labelled or certified organic product is rarely found to be 100% natural or 100% organic. At Mellow Naturals we are proud to be offering products which we can confidently claim to be 100% all-natural, with raw ingredients carefully sourced from select high-quality local farms descended from a long line of loyal trusted farmers, who take great pride in providing only quality raw materials and long term sustainability.

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