Trends You Need To Know: The Thai Natural Beauty Market

mangosteen natural body scrub

Thai hidden gems and natural beauty growth 

The growing consumer awareness and concern of the harmful effects and drawbacks of certain chemicals that are sometimes found in typical beauty or skin care products, in addition to the ongoing trend to pursue healthy youthful skin via natural skin care products, have fueled the Thai natural beauty market especially, over the last few years. Neighboring countries have been amongst the fastest growing markets for Thailand's natural beauty products.

Thailand is rich in raw materials, herbs and natural exotics; a large majority of Thai beauty and natural skin care products and the methods to which these are produced and developed have long been perfected based on local knowledge which have been passed down from one generation to another. This includes the use of natural ingredients such as mangosteen, rice, aloe vera, coconut and coconut oil, turmeric and moringa, all of which are key natural ingredients for Mellow Naturals’ products.

The Thai natural beauty and natural skin care markets along with Mellow Naturals as a proud natural skin care product brand of Thailand, are becoming increasingly recognised on an international level and still hold much potential to further expand internationally with global healthy lifestyle trends as a key backing. 

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