Why You Need To Understand The Coconut

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Coconut and Coconut Oil as our natural selection  

The Coconut is not a nut, it is a drupe or otherwise known as stone fruit, found mainly in the tropics and subtropics. Thailand's stable warm season makes it an ideal location to cultivate a wide variety of tropical fruits including the coconut. The specific breed of coconut grown here is often referred to as the 'aromatic' coconut, found to be a favourite amongst tourists and audiences all over the world. 

Easily distinguished from other fruits, the coconut has a higher than average water content found inside its shell, i.e. coconut juice. Despite its juice and matured edible flesh which are commonly harvested for consumption, other parts of this versatile fruit have long been harvested for various reasons including natural skin care products, such as the kernel which is processed to obtain Coconut Oil. 

Coconut Oil is a very popular ingredient found in natural skin care products, hence a number of Mellow Naturals' products as well, and has good reason to be so. Main chemical constituents include Lauric Acid, Capric Acid and Caprylic Acid, Linoleic Acid (Polyunsaturated Fats), Oleic Acid (Monounsaturated Fats) and Medium-Chain Triglycerides, all of which are proven to be linked to beneficial properties. 

    Easily penetrable to the skin due to small-sized molecules, coconut oil allows essential oils and extracts to be readily and naturally absorbed into the skin without clogging the pores. Along with natural antibacterial properties, coconut oil also provides a cooling hydration especially suitable for itchy, sensitive, inflamed or irritated skin, and promotes skin healing to allow the skin to return to its healthy state. As a moisturiser, coconut oil is efficient in creating a protective barrier on the skin's surface to allow the skin beneath to be effectively moisturised, stay moisturised, and avoid future cases of dried skin. 

    Popular Mellow products under the coconut oil family include the Rice Scrub with Coconut Oil, and the Coconut Oil Body Lotion with Aloe Vera, the perfect natural skin care combination for those looking for a relaxing cleanse and a post-bath moisturiser. 

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