The Ultimate Need-To-Have Facial Therapy Tool

Mellow Naturals Jade Roller Facial Therapy Tool

The natural jade roller is part of an ancient Chinese beauty ritual passed down for generations. Made from high-quality natural jade stone of healing qualities and positive energy, combined with well-proven ancestral techniques, the jade roller is an incredible tool to complement Mellow Naturals’ Asian heritage.

Facial jade rolling stimulates the lymphatic drainage, de-puffing and reducing appearance of fine lines, while simultaneously improving elasticity of the skin by massaging the underlying facial muscles. When used with serums, face oils or other facial skin care products, the jade roller effectively aids penetration and boosts circulation to enhance results. Facial jade rolling is therefore a perfect supplement to your daily skin care routine.

The Mellow Naturals jade roller is easy to use and easy to look after. Simply gently roll the Mellow Naturals jade roller over a cleansed face or after applying your favorite Mellow Naturals serum or face oil. The roller comes with two distinct ends of different-sized rollers, to specifically target the different areas of the facial skin. The jade roller is also suitable for use with moisturisers and sheet mask products. After each use, merely wipe clean with a soft cloth or wash with water, and make sure to completely dry the roller before storage.

For enhanced experience and as an extra tip, it is recommended that you store the Mellow Naturals jade roller in the refrigerator 10 minutes before use. The cooled temperature of the jade will work well to tighten the pores upon rolling on the skin.

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