Understanding Squalane and Why Your Skin Needs It

What is Squalane and Related Skin Care Benefits

Mellow Naturals products use premium-grade bio-processed sugarcane-derived squalane (non-GMO). Squalane is a stablised form of squalene, a naturally occuring oil in the skin, responsible for hydrating and protecting the skin, it is non-comedogenic, lightweight, therefore it is also fast-absorbing and non-greasy.

The ingredient is able to strengthen weakened skin barriers, regaining the needed protection, which is often a result of frequent or long-term use of micellar or alcohol-based cleansers. The rejuvenating and highly antioxidant oil comes with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, as well as powerful anti-aging properties. In addition, Squalane is know to regulate sebum production and balance the skin while also promoting collagen production, a well-rounded highly effective skin care ingredient.

Studies have shown Squalane to contribute to smoother and healthier skin by up to 28.3% and up to 51.4% reduction in wrinkles and fine lines after 28 days of continued use. 

The Different Origins of Squalane

Shark-derived | Unsustainable source, endangered species, animal-derived, non-cruelty-free, highly controversial

Olive | High volatility, frequent availability issues, subject to price volatility, climate and food consumption-dependent

Sugar Cane | Stable supply, 100% plant-derived, cruelty-free, ECOCERT approved, higher purity, sustainable source

Mellow Naturals Squalane face oil natural skin care

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