Using Coconut Oil In Face Serums And Natural Skin Care

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Why the Mellow Naturals Botanical Concentrated Face Serum is worth the extra time and effort 

Most of our customers who are a fan of this oil-based Botanical Concentrated Face Serum may know that this 100% natural serum thickens in cold weather. This is a result of infused Virgin Coconut Oil which is in fact, one of the key ingredients of this natural serum, in addition to the 4 curcuma herbs and starfruit extract, together making this serum so unique and special.

The virgin coconut oil in this natural serum is extracted using nano technology to encourage easy absorption into the skin pores and to moisturise the skin deeply and thoroughly. However, the nature of coconut oil is that in cold climates or even in air-conditioned environments where temperature drops below room temperature, the oil will thicken and become balm-like. 

The key is to soak the bottle in hot tap water for 30-45 seconds to simply warm the serum back to its normal form. It is perfect to be used at night when you can spare a little more time in your skin care routine and really pamper your skin. You are guaranteed to wake up with well-hydrated and tightened skin the next morning. 

Natural skin care products which comprise of coconut oil or just coconut oil itself will face the same situation of hardening or becoming balm-like, and the above method is a very quick yet effective method for those who do not want to eliminate coconut oil or coconut oil-based products from their skin care routine just because they are situated where there is a winter season. 

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