Mellow Naturals Skin Care | Review by ScienceAndSkincare

1. Clarifying face serum - for acne/oily skin with Sophora root. I thought this one would be harder to review because I don't have acne prone skin but this would be great for oily skin because it isn't heavy. It sinks in to the skin very fast making it perfect for those with oily skin whose skin desperately needs some hydration.

2. Botanical concentrated face serum - Well. See picture 3. It was very difficult to use because it turned into wax pretty quickly and hasn't melted back into its original form. But I will do an updated review on the blog once I get to use it a few more times.

3. Hydration drops - Its actually the heavier one of the lot I tried. Best for dry skin and includes rose hip and strawberry oil. Both noted for hydration.

4. Vitamin C serum - The most different in texture and my favourite. Tragically, my bottle smashed and I no longer can use it but its the one I immediately saw a difference with. My skin cleared up every morning if I had used it the night before.
They aren't fragranced and generally have a fast absorbing feel.

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Mellow Naturals face care collection

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