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Here is a pretty green spread with 2 products that I have been enjoying behind the scenes~ introducing @mellownaturals , a cruelty-free, luxury and natural skincare company based in Thailand. They believe to use quality and water-based ingredients that are safe, non-toxic, effective and sustainable. All of their products are free of alcohol, paraben, silicone and PEGs. 🍵

This is probably the first product I grab when I have a raised bump on my face simply because it's so lightweight in texture and absorbs easily into the skin. I really don't like to apply creams as a topical when I have a raised bump and prefer to use a serum/patch instead. The main ingredient for this are Kuansing Medicinal plant extracts that have amazing anti-bacterial properties and also reduce the appearance of inflammation. Pine bark extract is also another ingredient they have in here that protects the skin against irritants and salicylic acid that penetrates into the skin. It also does a superb job balancing out my skin! 🌿

I've been reaching for the hydration drops a lot as my final step to my skincare routine to lock in all my skincare products. It's a lovely facial oil that gas a beautiful cocktail of antioxidants, vit A+C+E, salicylic acid and omega-3+6. The key ingredients are organic argan oil and strawberry seed oil. There is no noticeable artificial scent to this and you only need about 2 drops to cover the entire face. My skin feels refreshed and nourished! 🍓🌿

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