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Products I've been enjoying. 👌🏻🍯

Mellow Naturals Clarifying Serum - this is a staple, I've used this on my skin as a spot treatment and it did a superb job controlling and reducing the size of my raised, inflamed skin. 💚

• youth to the people green tea spinach cleanser - this is my go-to morning and evening cleanser. Don't be fooled by how full this looks, I've went through a total of 11 deluxe sizes to make it to the big guy. I know, crazy but when sephora was offering it as their gwp and pt perk rewards, it was too hard to turn down. 💚

• keep cool soothe serum - I really appreciate the lightweight gel texture this has and really is hydrating~ This is a staple serum, I'm going to be very sad when I'm finished with it because look at these stickers! The stickers are only given to influencers so even if I repurchase this off jolse, there won't be the stickers. NuUuUu~💚

• keep cool soothe cream - The soothe line has been so impressive and I love their toner and serum so much! I really enjoy how mild and non irritating this is, it calms down my skin while protecting my barrier. This isn't a cream that I apply directly on my face without layering products. I find it works best when applying your skincare routine in layers and this would be somewhere near the end to seal in all the products and moisture. 💚

• borntree lemon tea tree blackhead nose pack - I liked their bubble nose pack so I gave this one a shot. I found this did a nice job clearing out a lot of gunk off my nose without being so drying. 💚

• The saem derma plan ultra balm cream - my skin had a few dehydrated moments and even eczema issues, this is something I would use as a fast-relief topical cream. 💚

The saem Iceland water volume cream - was something 
I wanted to like because I expected it to be very much like the saem's derma plan's products were effective + mild, I was hoping for the same for this. This is a gel based cream but it has a lot of fragrance in it. I would reccomend this those who do not have sensitive skin towards fragrance and also with oily skin. It's a no for me. 💔

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