Clarifying Serum, Hydration Drops & Vit C Serum | Review by Kelldris

What's your favorite treatment product? 

I love all kinds of treatments but probably serums and oils would be my answer. Recently I was sent a sample of different serums and oils* from Mellow Naturals and I've been enjoying adding them into my routines.

The first serum I started with was their Clarifying Face Serum.* I've been using this as a spot treatment for acne and it works! The first night I used it I could feel a bump coming up on my chin. I applied this and the next morning it was gone! This has been helping to fight any breakouts but it never is drying to the area or harsh.

This contains salicylic acid which is why it is so good at knocking out inflammation but it also contains and ingredient I was unfamiliar with, sophora root. Sophora root is a Chinese herb that is incredibly anti-bacterial. So this combined with the salicylic acid is a powerful punch to acne!

Hydration Drops* are the product I'm most excited to start adding into my routine because it's an oil! You know my latest skincare love has been facial oils! Since it's so dry where I live it's been a torrid love affair. This facial oil contains Argan and rosehip oils which are full of antioxidants and fatty acids! This also contains strawberry seed oil which has the ability to remove dead skin cells, boost collagen production and reduce fine lines. This is in patch-testing phase and I'm trying to be patient but I can't wait to spread this baby all over my face!

Vit C Natural Glow Serum* is a beautiful, stabilized vitamin C in the form of magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. MAP is known as an effective but gentle vitamin C that is perfect for sensitive skin. This is also mixed with niacinamide and jojoba oil to be ultra gentle but brightening for the skin.

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