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I'm not sure what week I'm at for quarantine but I'm proud that I've been quite consistent with my skincare routine for both am and pm. The only one meh product I don't really like here is the sugar kitten mask but it is fun to do with someone because you both get to experience that fun, satisfying peel off moment. I probably will not be repurchasing this because I'm just not into peel off masks as I use to be. I had a huge phase where I loved them but the more I get into skincare, the more I realize how drying most can be. It's a fun product but it's not necessary nor does it really do anything for me (imo). I do the how it's holographic though, it has a pretty duochrome jelly texture to it. 🌈🌸

Ok, now onto products I have been enjoying. I love the mellow naturals essence as it preps my skin for my skincare routine and allows faster absorption along with providing a bit of hydration. I then layer it with my alive lab ice water toner. This beauty is formulated with niacinamide which is fantastic for brightening the skin along with dark spots. It's also formulated without any dyes, parabens and fragrance, which means it's suitable for all skin types. Did I mention it also only has 5 ingredients?! + has a little bit of lactic acid which helps provide the skin a subtle exfoliation without being too harsh. 😉✌🏻

Eye patches are everything! I wear them pretty much everyday now and I like applying them on when I'm gaming because it helps relieve and cool my skin down. The IGK anti social is probably the most innovative hair product I've tried because it binds the hair together and making it smooth. It's also an overnight hair mask that is DRY. Yep, dry, so you can spray it on and forget about it. No residue and smells amazing!🌸

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