Hydration Drops | Review by Kathy's Skincare Part II

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This cute bottle is shouting HYDRATION - just the same as its name. 

Mellow Naturals Hydration Drops:

What is it and what does it do to the skin?
- this baby here is an antioxidant & moisturising booster. It is a highly hydrating 100% natural face oil that contains 3 rich antioxidants namely Argan, rosehip & strawberry (although, I must say that I would have loved it to have that subtle strawberry scent 😍).

- These 3 ingredients are generously combined to effectively restore vitality to facial skin & at the same time maintain a well balanced nourished look & feel of the skin. - Key ingredients:
- a. Argan oil - helps boost cell regeneration
- b. Rosehip oil - high in Vit A & C w/c helps in brightening the skin & reducing scars & huoerpigmentation
- c. Strawberry oil - helps in removing dead skin cells, boost collagen & reducing fine lines. 

- This product does exactly what it says on the tin - Hydration boost! Because it really provides enough hydration on the skin & literally nourishes & make my skin look healthy. This doesn’t have any crazy oil scent nor any synthetic scent. I can use this day & night without the worry that this will make my face really oily. Mellow Naturals Hydration boost facial oil is a very light weight facial oil that is good to be use on its own under make up or even mix it up with foundation to attain that glowy dewy look! I can totally attest on how amazing this product is & this product is a total game changer.

- This product is priced at $26.45 & you can find this product on mellownaturals.com 

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