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🌿Mellow Naturals is a vegan skincare brand with a Thai heritage founded on the belief against synthetic chemical-filled products. Instead they offer nature-based alternatives that are safer, non-toxic, and more effective. Mellow Naturals are also cruelty-free and focus on reaching out only to local farmers and suppliers nationwide, exploring 100% locally-sourced ingredients in its safest, purest and rarest forms.

Vit C Natural Glow Face Serum:
This is a lovely vitamin c serum that contains magnesium ascorbyl phosphate which is a more stable and non-irritating derivative of vitamin c. The great thing about MAP is that it is perfect for anyone who suffers sensitivity to L-Ascobic acid and there's no need to worry about oxidisation too much either. The product is released via a dropper and is a cloudy runny liquid that absorbs really well. My skin felt super hydrated under my moisturiser in the daytime and it's beautiful citrus scent invigorated my senses. This also contains niacinamide, tangerine peel extract and jojoba oil. RRP: $20

Hydration Drops - Argan, Rosehip and Strawberry Face Oil: This is a fragrance-free face oil that I have been using both mixed in with my moisturiser and on top of my moisturiser of an evening. This is also dispensed via a dropper too which makes it easy to apply directly to the skin. During the winter months I am quite dependant on face oils to add hydration to my skin and this certainly does not disappoint. RRP: $18

Pomegranate Lip Care with Coconut Oil: This has fast become my favourite lip balm as it's ingredients are so pure, and it has been keeping my lips soft and smooth now winter has officially kicked in. This is an all-natural lip balm offering intense hydration, repair and protection to eliminate signs of dry damaged lips. It is rich in plant-based active ingredients including pomegranate, coconut oil, jojoba and olive extracts. RRP: $12

These products are available to purchase on https://www.mellownaturals.com

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