Mellow Naturals Face Care | Review by SkinnAddict

#mellownaturals has the cutest and most travel friendly serums ever! They’re super effective to boot!

I was away traveling in France very recently and this little bag full of these adorable serums and just 4 other skincare products (other than my cleanser) was all I took with me!

I was able to mix them together to get my perfect blend to treat my mildly dehydrated, dull and slightly acne prone skin! 😋

I love the beautiful white packaging! The little droppers have a plastic guard which is fantastic! Some days I skipped everything and went with just these.

Depending on my skin’s needs I like to mix a couple of drops of the serums/oils I want onto the palm of my hands. Then pat it into my skin. Usually it’s hydrating enough for me to not need to use anything else other than moisturizer.

They sink right into my skin and they don’t leave a greasy sticky feeling. They give a gorgeous lit from within glow under makeup.

These little guys have been my absolute favorite for the past 3 weeks!

My regular go-to for everyday have been the Botanical Concentrate Face Serum, the Hydration Drops Face Oil and the Vit C Natural Glow Face Serum. I use the Botanical Concentrate Face Serum and the Hydration Drops Face Oil during the day and night, but like to add the Vit C Natural Glow Face Serum to my night routine as well! The Clarifying Face Serum hadn’t really been much use to me till last week. It did a great job controlling my monthly breakouts and keeping my skin scar free and clear! ❤️

As a brand @mellownaturals hails from Thailand and is against synthetic chemical filled beauty products and their products are 100% natural or of natural origin. They do not test on animals. Their ingredients are locally sourced so they can support their local farmers and are environmentally friendly!

Have you tried these? Which ones do you love!? If you haven’t tried them (wait why not?! Look at how cute these are!!) would you?

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Mellow Naturals skin care

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