Mellow Naturals Face Collection | Review by HaliBallantyne

I wanted to share some thoughts with you on these lovely serums* from #mellownaturals. 

They sent along: Hydrating Drops, Vitamin C Natural Glow Face Serum, Clarifying Serum, Botanical Concentrated Serum. 

Mellow Naturals develops their products from handpicked selections of of natural ingredients from Thailand and Asia. Their products are free of harmful and toxic ingredients and they (~surprisingly~) are made of natural ingredients.

Of the 4 serums they sent along I enjoyed the Hydrating Drops, Vitamin C Serum, and the Clarifying serum. The Botanical serum contains coconut oil which I do not like to put on my face, but also made the serum totally solid and I needed to place it in warm water to get it back to a liquid form - too much work for me 🙅🏼‍♀️

The Hydrating drops have been a really wonderful addition to my routine in this polar vortex we’re stuck in. I can’t say the hydration lasts, but it’s a nice boost when you need it.

The Vitamin C serum unfortunately didn’t compare to my Caudalie serum, HOWEVER if I wasn’t obsessed with that serum this would be my next choice. It helped to brighten a little, and the serum also contains niacinamide which I adore!

The Clarifying Serum was an amazing addition to my routine because it was gentle enough that my skin never felt dried out, but it was really effective in getting rid of those small bumps I get, and reducing acne as well.

Overall I’m pretty impressed with this line! These bottles are only 15mL (half an ounce) which is small, but they honestly lasted me 2-3 months of using them almost daily. Plus they retail on their website for $26-$30 and they also have bundles available! Is this a line you would be interested in trying?

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