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I am a huge fan of facial serums. I enjoy trying new ones to help with my skin concerns. So when @mellownaturals offered to send me a package of their newly released offerings, I had to accept!

The company is a Thai based and their range is free of synthetic ingredients, parabens, formaldehyde, fillers and they are cruelty free.

Hydration Drops Argan, Rosehip, and Strawberry Face Oil. This is an antioxidant and moisturizing booster. Meant to hydrate and nourish the skin. I find this to be more of a serum type consistency and sinks into my skin quickly. It mixes well with oils and moisturizers. This is my favorite of the products I was sent.

Botanical Concentrated Face Serum. Brightening and pore-minimizing. This serum is oil based and contains: Ginseng, Turmeric, and coconut oil. I’ve used this a few times and while I enjoy it, I need to use it for longer to see if it provides any lasting results.

Clarifying Face Serum with Sophora Root. This is an oil rebalancing formula with Pine and Sophora Root. It contains highly potent antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties to help with acne scarring, breakouts and balancing the complexion. I have used most of the bottle and I do think it helps with my hormonal breakouts, but haven’t noticed any change in the dark spots/scars from old blemishes. 

Vitamin C Natural Glow Face Serum. Contains Vitamin C derivatives, jojoba oil, tangerine peel extract and niacinamide. This serum is for restoring and Brightening the skin. This is the only one I haven’t tried yet, as I have a Vitamin C open already and only use one at a time. Excited to try this soon though.

Overall I have been impressed with these products and the price point for each is fair. Costing between $26-$29. I also really like their packaging. The pretty pearlescent bottles are quite attractive. 

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