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Thai Beauty Secrets 

I find that Thai women have flawless and fair skin, there must be some secrets behind it. So while in Bangkok, I've hunt them down & brought back 7 skincare & makeup brands to test! Let's get to know them together! ⠀

🎄@mellownaturals : I've been seeing this clean skincare brand over IG and finally get to see & try their textures at their retail outlets. I've bought 2 of their serums.⠀

🎄 : This is the newest clean skincare brand in Thailand. I believe I may be their first few customers from Singapore! I've bought their 1st product, Micellar Cleansing Water.⠀

🎄@mistine_official : You won't missed this Thai brand. I fell in love with their eyeliners when I first bought them 3 years ago. This time, I've also bought their concealers & makeup sponges.⠀

🎄Scentio Milk Plus : This is another popular Thai brand. I've bought their best selling facial foam and moisturiser (and something else for a X'mas giveaway for my followers, so stay tuned and keep liking my posts!)⠀

🎄@no7uk : Technically this is not a Thai brand. This is a UK brand under Boots and their collection in Bangkok was so much bigger when compared with those avail in Singapore. I've bought their priming essence and serum foundation.⠀

🎄Gino McCray : This brand is said to resemble M.A.C but at a fraction of the price! They are best known for their eyeliners and blushers, of course I have to bring them home!⠀

🎄@namulifesnailwhite : This is another popular Thai drugstore skincare brand. This is their latest product for anti-ageing.

SAVE this post for your next shopping trip in Bangkok! I will review them in Jan 2020 cos I need to soak in this festive mood first!⠀

Early Merry X'mas to all!

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