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This serum contains the vitamin C derivative magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, which is supposed to be more suitable for sensitive skin as it is less acidic and potent than traditional forms of vitamin c found in skincare like L-ascorbic acid. It also contains other brightening ingredients like niacinamide, tangerine peel extract, and jojoba oil. #mellownaturals recommends this product for normal to oily skin, but as someone who has normal-dry skin, I did not see any particularly drying effects from using the serum long term. I would say that the addition of magnesium ascorbyl phosphate does make a large difference though. I had a hard time using vitamin c serums before because any slight bit of rawness from my eczema would be exacerbated by the application of vitamin c. I couldn’t really establish a long-term with vitamin c just because of how much my skin health fluctuated with other external factors in my life. This serum never stung when applied, no matter the condition of my skin barrier, which I’ll admit has significantly improved all of a sudden this semester. So while I cannot say that the vitamin c serum did not increase my skin health, I can say that it definitely did not disturb it.

I found the texture to be very similar to hydrating essences, just a slight bit more creamy/rich, which is why I find it surprising that it’s recommended for normal-oily skin types. I always thought that my skin was more hydrated and soft after application. There is a slight citrus scent, but nothing too obtrusive.

In terms of brightening effects, omg this is amazing. Like the smart person I am, I only applied vitamin C serum to my face (I didn’t want to waste it on my neck). Guess whose face is now at least two shades lighter than the rest of her body? This girl. I have to apply so much bronzer to make my head look like it’s attached to the correct body now haha. Was my application method a poor choice if I wanted to look human? Yes, but it also gave me a great comparison and legitimately showed how effective this serum was.

If I were made of money and had the budget, I would definitely repurchase this product. However, as a college student who does not have her life together at all, $28.85 for 15 mL is very expensive. I think I’m going to spend my time caressing the empty bottle and crying at my bank account whilst searching for a cheaper MAP product. 

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