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Mellow Naturals Vit C Natural Glow Face Serum. What is it and what does it do to the skin. 
- this serum is basically a serum to help brighten and make your skin more radiant. It is infused & is rich in Vit C & Vit C derivative that helps in formulating the perfect brightening serum. This product is also rich in essential oils, high nutrients extracts, vitamins & minerals w/c works harmoniously to create that gorgeous natural glow of the skin. - Key Ingredients includes:
a. Magnesium Ascorbyl Phospate - boost collagen & suppresses melanin formation 
b. Niacinamide - offers various whitening, healing & anti ageing benefits
c. Tangerine Peel extract - capable in melanin regeneration & controlling sebum
d. Jojobal Oil - act as moisturising agent

I must say I have been quite well hesitant in using serums or essences that is purely Vit C purely because of the past experience - which using one broke me out. But, good news on this one! This didn’t break me out at all! I find that this serum is mild that even citrusy scent is so light too & not over powering. The liquid inside looks cloudy. The viscosity is a bit thin but not watery. When applied to the skin it glides okay but tugs a little bit.

On the brightening side, it provided my skin that glow and has definitely brightens it. I was actually looking at the mirror earlier telling myself how nice my skin looks like at the moment (hoping that I didn’t just jinx it there). But yes, so far this serum has done great on my skin & I can totally say that my skin has love it. —
Also, this serum is great to use either on its own or in a concoction. I sometimes mix this w/ my moisturiser & my oil & it provided a gorgeous effect the next day. —
I can totally say that this Vit C is #awmdvvalidated 👌🏻

Have you tried this serum before? I hope you should cos you are missing the finest benefits of this baby 👍🏻

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