Vit C Natural Glow Face Serum | Review by The.Skincare.Hive

My bottle is more than halfway gone and I’m ready to give you my full impressions

This serum is made with a brightening formula specially made to give you radiant skin. Its goal is to reveal a healthy natural glow

It’s a serum suitable for normal to oily skin

It contains Vitamin C and Vitamin C derivatives, essential oils and lots of nutrients and minerals

Let’s take a look at its key ingredients:
✔️ MAP (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate): a more stable and non irritating derivative of vitamin C. It boosts collagen and surpresses melanin fornation (giving you brighter and more uniform skin)
✔️ Niacinamide (vitamine B3): brightening, healing and anti aging while allowing better moisture retention
✔️ Tangerine peel extract: rich in vit C. Antioxidant that controls sebum and melanine production
✔️Jojoba oil: moisturizes while controling oil and acne bursts. Contains vit E and B
✔️ No alcohol nor parabens not artificial fragrances. Not tested on animals

My experience: I got visible results since day one. When I use this serum my skin looks brighter and healthier. Since one of my main concearns is dull skin, I found this serum very satisfying! It has a milky texture and It gave me no irritations nor break outs. And it has the most agreeable sweet citrus scent.

The only con I found was the short lasting effects. While my skin was broken I stopped using it and the dullness returned. But I guess that was expected!

If you’re looking for a good vit C serum I truly recommend you this one. Costs $28.85 USD

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