Vit C Serum, Hydration Drops & Clarifying Face Serum | Review by SkinCareAddictmy

🍊 Vit C Natural Glow Face Serum
Has MAP, Niacinamide, Tangerine Peel Extract and Jojoba Oil to promote healthy brightened complexion. I love the milky texture with a refreshing tangerine scent to it. Been using it for 4 weeks, and I can see my skin looks more radiant and healthy, however no significant improvement on my acne scars

🍓 Hydration Drops | Argan, Rosehip & Strawberry Face Oil
It has great ingredients and has a faint strawberry scent. However, I didn't enjoy this oil as much because my skin just doesn't like oil. I always mixed my oil with products to make it work. With this, I add it to my sleeping pack , I woke up to a slight greasy feeling but it was so much better than using it alone

🌱 Clarifying Face Serum with Sophora Root
Contains Salicylic Acid, Sophora Root that has anti-bacterial effects, Picea Excelsa Extract has high antioxidant and Tangerine Peel Extract. This is my most favorite product from this brand. I rarely get any breakouts while using this even during traveling ( I broke up a lot during my travel). Definitely a keeper

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