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Our Story...

Mellow Naturals is a natural luxury skin care line founded on the belief against synthetic chemical-filled beauty, but rather nature-based alternatives that yield safer, non-toxic, more effective, and more sustainable results. Our products are developed only from carefully handpicked selections of natural ingredients from Thailand’s finest sources, seeking to exploit the traditional Thai remedies and aesthetics to replenish, rejuvenate and delicately nourish the skin to suit the modern lifestyle.

What is put on our skins are eventually absorbed into our bodies, therefore the skin is deserving of the finest treatment and utmost attention. What began with our self-experimenting of natural skincare products later grew into an obsession over months and years, as the benefits of natural products became more and more revealing, leading to the desire to uncover the ideal formula of natural active high-quality ingredients for our skin. At Mellow Naturals, we believe only in tangible results, of which we have achieved, yet we continue to perfect our formulations day-to-day to support our diverse range of high-end skin care products.

Being proud of our Thai heritage, one filled with a longstanding unrivaled history and culture of herbal concoctions, we focus on reaching out only to local farmers and suppliers nationwide, exploring 100% locally-sourced ingredients in its safest, purest and rarest forms. We are committed to share and promote globally Thailand’s rare yet valuable ingredient sources, in combination with modern natural skin care techniques, and be recognised as a trusted name in today’s ‘natural beauty’ movement. 

Pat Benjasiri (Co-Founder Mellow Naturals)



Our Philosophy...

Natural unharmed beauty

What we put on our skins are absorbed into our bodies, this is why we take great pride in our ingredients being 100% natural and 100% safe. We steer clear of synthetics, parabens, phthalates, fillers, formaldehyde, glycols, sulfates and anything else chemical-derived. Our chosen natural ingredients are of the highest of quality and effectiveness, including antioxidant-rich moringa extract, centella asiatica, multiple plant and food-based cold-pressed oils, herbal extracts, vitamins, and many other highly active certified selections. 

Tested and proven

Our products are cruelty-free, with no testing on animals. Each formula is tried, tested and proven numerous times over, and then personally tested again before they are taken to the market, ensuring the product to deliver visible desired results.

Farmer-centric and environmental sustainability

Locally sourced ingredients promote and strengthen the local Thai farmer organisations and community, while at the same time allowing our customers to indulge in the benefits of these valued resources. From the careful selection and farming of ingredients, through to what we create, how we create it, and how they are used, we advocate only those with positive environmental impacts and zero effect on climate change.



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