Are Mellow Naturals products really natural?

Yes, we have products ranging from 90% to 100% natural and/or natural-origin, or otherwise preservative-free, and made only with natural and food-grade ingredients. In cases where preservatives are a mandatory ingredient, we choose to select only those which are natural-based or naturally-derived. Mellow Naturals is firm on the belief of natural beauty, using only non-toxic, non-chemical and proven more-effective and sustainable ingredients. 

Where are the ingredients sourced from?

A lot of our ingredients are sourced from within Thailand or Asia, though we do have ingredients from further away also. Each ingredient is taken through a strict and thorough selection process to ensure the final ingredients in each product are the perfect ones. 

What is special about Thailand's natural ingredients?

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, a country filled with a long unrivaled history of traditional remedies, natural herbs and medicines. At Mellow Naturals, we look for only the purest and rarest, but safest and most effective ingredients to include in our skincare products. Read more on some of our natural ingredients here

Where are Mellow Naturals products made?

Our products are produced in Thailand. This is to allow stringent quality-control, with constant R&D development, and to ensure production facilities are located within close distance to our raw material sources, so they are fresh and in the best condition when produced, and ready for delivery to our customers. 

What is the typical expiration date of Mellow Naturals products?

Unfortunately our products do have a shelf-life and all products are legally required to have a shelf life not exceeding 24 months. If not preservative-free products, any preservatives used in the products are natural or naturally-derived, such as honey which is a preservative in nature. 

The colour or consistency of my product is not as expected?

Because Mellow Naturals products are so high in active natural ingredients with specific preservative-free formulas, the colour or smell may vary slightly between production batches, or after the product has been opened for some time. As long as the product is within its expiry date and has not been improperly stored, the product will continue to be safe to use, with no deterioration in effectiveness. 

What safety standards apply to Mellow Naturals products?

Products under Mellow Naturals are all FDA-approved and registered, meaning all products have to strictly follow requirements and approval standards of The Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (FDA). 

We also adhere to a very strict list of banned ingredients. Click here to view the full list. 

Can Mellow Naturals products be safely used in combination with other brands or products?

Definitely. All our products are natural or highly natural, and therefore also naturally safe to be used with or without other brands. In cases where our products should be used in conjunction with other Mellow Naturals products for better or more improved results, you may find this stated in the product’s directions for use.

How do I know which Mellow Naturals product is best for my skin?

We have products that are suitable for specific skin types or skin concerns, and this would also be stated in the product descriptions. Or otherwise you may choose to filter or shop our products by skin concern via the filters available, or feel free to contact our team of experts for product recommendations. 

How long before I can expect results?

Results will vary between product, ingredients, skin type and users. However usually users will claim to see effects and results after continued use of at least a few weeks. 


What are the shipping and delivery terms?

Please see our Shipping & Delivery page for more information. We recommend to read our shipping policy and guidelines prior to confirming an order. 

What are the return or refund policies?

Read more on our Return or Refund Policy here.

Why is the currency at checkout different to the currency I have selected?

With the platform's built-in checkout page, all orders are processed in the store's default currency (Thai Baht / THB). The content of your shopping cart or product prices may be reflected in a different currency, which are indications of the value in that currency, though checkout currency will be reflected in THB at the most current exchange rate.