Roll and Glow Kit
Roll and Glow Kit
Roll and Glow Kit

Roll and Glow Kit

Mellow Naturals

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The perfect pairing offering your selection of the signature Mellow Naturals face serums or face oil, with the complimenting Mellow Naturals rose quartz facial roller. 

1. Selection of face serum or face oil (20ml)

  • Vit C Natural Glow Face Serum: Essential whitening formula for radiant skin | Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin C-derivative to formulate the perfect brightening face serum. Filled with essential oils and extracts of high nutrients, minerals and vitamins which work in harmony to reveal a natural glow of the facial skin.
  • Hydration Drops | Argan, Rosehip and Strawberry Face Oil: Antioxidant and moisturising booster | Highly hydrating 100% natural face oil containing 3 rich antioxidants, Argan, Rosehip and Strawberry. The ingredients are combined to effectively restore vitality to the facial skin and maintain a well-balanced nourished look and feel.
  • Clarifying Face Serum with Sophora Root: Acne and oil control for balanced complexion | Oil rebalancing formula with Pine and Sophora Root, containing highly potent antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties to counter acne-scarring by encouraging cell renewal, balance excess oil and minimise breakouts.

2. Natural Jade Roller: Rose quartz is a natural healing stone where its colour can range from pale pink to deep bright pink. Often associated as the stone of love, known to heal the heart as well as attract love from around. Rose quartz is cool in nature, filled with healing and positive energy, while also durable, making it perfect as a facial roller. Facial jade rolling stimulates the lymphatic drainage, depuffing and reducing appearance of fine lines, while simultaneously improving elasticity of the skin by massaging the underlying facial muscles. When used with serums, face oils or other facial skin care products, the jade roller effectively aids penetration and boosts circulation to enhance results. A perfect supplement to your daily skin care routine.

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